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Global architecture

Source file Open Energy Monitor global architecture

  • All modules are ATmega328-based. It means that, using the Arduino environment you can customize the code running on the boards.

Measuring the power consumption with emonTx module

The measuring is achieved using the emonTx v3 board (see the wiki). It is powered using a 9v-230v AC-AC adaptator which is recommended to get a best power monitoring accuracy, giving the real power consumption (which is what you get billed for).

  • In the building we have a three-phase electric power installation.
  • The power is measured using three CT (Current Transformer) clips. The neutral wire of the electrical panel is not connected (Note : with a single phase electric power you should connect two wires : the neutral and the power line ones).
  • The data is sent to the base station using RFM12B wireless modules (433 Mhz).

Measuring the temperature and humidity with emonTh module

Temperature and humidity are measured through a sensor and sent to the base station using RFM12B wireless modules (433 Mhz).

Gathering all data with Raspberry Pi Board

All the data (power, temperature, humidity) sent by the modules described above is gathered by a Raspberry PI board with the addition of an RFM12Pi expansion board (to be able to get the data over the wireless).

The data collected can :

  • either been forwarded over the internet to a emoncms server
  • or stored on a external hard drive, connected to the Raspberry Pi.
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