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 ====== Raspberry additional configuration ====== ====== Raspberry additional configuration ======
-===== General ===== +===== Change the hostname ​=====
-==== Upgrade the system ==== +
-<​code>​sudo aptitude update && sudo aptitude upgrade</​code>​ +
-==== Change the hostname ====+
 As root : As root :
   * Edit ///​etc/​hostname//​   * Edit ///​etc/​hostname//​
   * Edit ///​etc/​hosts//​   * Edit ///​etc/​hosts//​
   * Execute ///​etc/​init.d/​​   * Execute ///​etc/​init.d/​​
- +===== Specific to unMonastery Matera ​===== 
-===== Using a local emonCms server ​=====+==== Setting date/time ==== 
 +Usually to set date/time on a Raspberry Pi the [[https://​​wiki/​Network_Time_Protocol|NTP protocol]] is used (local date/time is synchronized with an NTP server on the internet) because the Raspberry Pi has no internal clock. But here at unMonastery Matera we have a firewall set up by our regional ISP which prevents us from using NTP (which requires //UDP// protocol and port //123//). 
 +  * To bypass this we execute a request to a http server like this : <​code>​date -s $(curl -G http://​​utc/​now)</​code>​ 
 +  * To set the date/time at startup we added the command above to the ///​etc/​rc.local//​ script.
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