Using the Raspberry to use a remote emonCms server (

This is the easiest way to quickly have something working. In this case the Raspberry Pi will act as a gateway. Here we assume that the Raspberry contains the pre-Loaded Raspberry Pi Base Station Gateway SD card.

  • Connect to the server and create an account. Once logged in you should see your Read and Write API key. The write API key will be used to connect to the server from the Raspberry gateway.
  • Take the Raspberry SD card, connect it to your computer, open the file /boot/oemgateway.conf and make the following changes :
    • In the [[RFM2Pi]] section make sure you have the right frequency for your RFM12b wireless : 4 = 433 MHz / 8 = 868 MHz.
    • In the [[emoncms_remote]] add the write API key you got when you created your account on the server.
  • Plug in your SD card into the Raspberry and switch it on.
  • Connect over ssh to the Raspberry (password is 'root' by default) :
    ssh root@<ip of the raspberry>
    • At this point the Raspberry should start sending the data to the server. If you want to see what is going on, kill the current gateway script and run it manually :
      ps -ef|grep python

      Get the process number corresponding to this command : python /root/oem_gateway/ –config-file /boot/oemgateway.conf and kill it :

      kill -9 <process number>

      Run the script manually :

      python /root/oem_gateway/ --config-file /boot/oemgateway.conf

      In the terminal you should see the data being transmitted.

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