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Electronics and software


  • Arduino board with
    • SD card (to store parameters, logs)
    • Date / time chip
  • Commands
    • Emergency button : to stop the system working
    • A button to carry out a protection mechanism. In this case automatic tracking will be set to off
    • 4 Buttons to move the panel manually
  • Sensors
    • Anemometer : in case of high wind it will send to the Arduino a signal to carry out a protection mechanism
    • A sensor to measure electricity production
  • LCD to display information (position, system running, production…).


  • Moving the panel
    • Use GPS data and date / time to calculate the panel position
    • The sun moves slowly across the sky, taking 40 minutes to move 10 degrees so it is probably enough to adjust the system once every 20 minutes and keep maximum efficiency.
  • Read all parameters from Arduino SD card at startup
  • Remotely access to the system using REST commands?


  • ArdaSol : project for solar energy and Arduino based monitoring system
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